Try Pre-Rolls, Edibles and Full Spectrum Oils as Alternatives to Vaping CBD

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Vaping was originally introduced as an alternative to smoking, and a potential avenue out of addiction for tobacco users. About a decade ago, you might have heard less scrutiny over vapes. In the past few years, though, we have seen cases of sickness, and even death, presumed to be caused by vapes. In 2019 there was the THC cartridge epidemic that left over 1,000 people with unprecedented lung damage, and about 60 dead

The culprit turned out to be off-brand, “bootleg” cartridges. If you’re like us, you may still be worried about just how safe vaping is. Or, maybe you just want to dodge the headache entirely by not even using a vape. Either way, here are a couple of options you may not have known you have when it comes to CBD alternatives to vaping.

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CBD and Vaping

Vapes use an atomizer to activate their contents. What this is, essentially, is a piece of metal that charges with electricity to the point where it becomes hot enough to vaporize fluids touching it.

CBD is just one of many substances people administer in this fashion. Frankly, this would explain the popularity of the technology. 

Once again, the health implications of long-term vaping are still being researched. However, the known dangers of vaping include the inhalation of ultra-fine particles. This can potentially include heavy metals such as lead that can get caught in a person’s lungs and cause continuous damage.

So nicotine vapes face more scrutiny towards the additive ingredients in their salt juices, but atomizers universally have the potential to deposit shed particles and metals when firing. This goes even for CBD, THC, or other concentrate cartridges.

Now that the reasoning behind dodging vapes is clarified, here are some of the easiest and most common alternatives when it comes to CBD products.

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A thriving market in the cannabis industry. My first edible was an unmarked piece of gummy tape from a “Fruit-by-the-Foot” type of roll.

It used to be that way with every edible before growing hemp was legal, let alone THC. It’s likely because your “retailer” was your friend Roger with lenient parents and a dank oven. No dosages, no packaging, just homemade canna-butter, and a whole lotta’ hope.

Nowadays, though, the cannabis industry is thriving. With CBD’s further normalization in American society, it’s rather easy to find CBD edibles or gummies in smoke shops around the country. Additionally, their dosages are listed on the packaging so you know exactly what you’re consuming.

These are an excellent option for people who either don’t or can’t enjoy vaping CBD. They are also fairly discreet, making them a good option for the less colorful user.


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Now I know what you’re thinking. Vaping is an alternative to smoking, so how is smoking the better option again? Well we already know the risks of smoking bud, whereas vaping is still being researched for its health risks.

On top of this are some more simple realities of the matter: When you buy a cartridge, you don’t get to choose how you ingest it. Also, you don’t exactly know what the ingredients are. This fact is a driving force of cartridge health concerns, where chemicals like vitamin E acetate backfire as “filler” ingredients leading to lung damage.

When you purchase CBD flower, however, you know the strain, the compound percentages, and most importantly, where it came from. There are tons of companies online that will allow you to order it from their website, also making this a very convenient option.

Furthermore, no one ever said you have to smoke your bud. Dry-herb vaporizers are probably the most similar alternative to vaping concentrates, and it is a far more controllable experience.

CBD Oils

Arguably the most efficient way of dosing, CBD oil is easy to produce and can be ingested directly in a multitude of ways. Much like edibles, it also comes in a variety of potencies, giving more control regarding how much you’re taking per dose.

CBD oil is very easy to use, and is best taken orally, holding the solution under your tongue before swallowing. This allows some of the oil to enter the bloodstream immediately via the sublingual artery.

You can also find CBD oil in a spray form, or you can add it to your food or drinks.

CBD Isolate

Isolate is in the same vein as oils, only stronger. Isolate is 99% pure CBD, and comes from an iterative purification process that refines it into a white powder.

There’s absolutely no THC in this substance, which makes it good for passing drug tests without any unnecessary anxiety. Isolate is recommended for users who find a very potent dose of CBD suits them best, and by extension experienced users more familiar with hemp. 

You can also dilute the powder into food or drink, and experiment rather liberally with the creation of your own edibles.

The potential of isolate still hasn’t been totally tapped into, making it a good option also for people looking to experiment with new CBD concepts. Plenty of possibilities are still unrealized with this form of CBD.

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