Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery? 3 CBD Products for Post-Workout Routines

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) befalls all of us after a strenuous workout. The term “no pain, go gain” comes to mind, being that this soreness is often considered a sign of progress. But regardless of whether it is or isn’t, some may not realize that it can be remedied. One method that may work well for you is introducing CBD into your routine. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of several cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and one of few that is not psychoactive. The effects brought by CBD are more on the lines of a “body high,” referring to relaxing, full-body properties. CBD has been proven in the past to help in the treatment of various physical and psychological conditions, including epilepsy, chronic painanxiety, and multiple sclerosis.

We’ve considered the introduction of CBD into a workout routine in the past, but muscle recovery is another story. What you’re feeling when you experience DOMS is the tearing of tiny muscle fibers irritated by your workout. So, the real question is how exactly CBD affects this process. Should people really start introducing a dose of CBD after exercising?

CBD May Alleviate Workout Induced Muscle Damage

Multiple studies show that CBD can in fact relieve DOMS. This may come with little surprise to some, since CBD already proved its relevant healing properties. Many use CBD, both topically and orally, to avail body pains and inflammation. Considering that the soreness post-workout is attributed to microscopic muscle damage, it’s no surprise CBD can fit into yet another equation.

Even with the science to back it up though, many people will find different results when using CBD. Because it isn’t psychoactive like THC, you are also seeing very little risk when you consider this avenue of treatment. The main choice you would have in this chance, nonetheless, would be the medium by which you administer your CBD.

Full-Spectrum, All-Natural CBD Supplements Offered by Respect My Region

To better explore the healing properties of CBD, Respect My Region offers its very own line of products. Cultivated and manufactured by M6 Labs, all of our products have their own certificates of analysis and zero mix-ins or adulterates.

Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?

Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

Most CBD products are administered orally, and tinctures are no exception. You can put a few droplets on your tongue, or go as far as to blend it with a drink, smoothie, or meal. RMR’s tinctures are also full-spectrum, meaning the whole hemp plant is used to produce the oil, rather than just its CBD.

For muscle recovery, we recommend our Refresh CBD Tincture. 1000mg of CBD sit in the bottle ready for committed, long-lasting use. Advised initial doses are anywhere from half to a full milliliter (ml) of solution after workouts in a beverage or under the tongue on the sublingual artery.

High-Quality CBD Products: What To Consider And Look For When Buying CBD Online
Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?

Vegan, Gluten-Free CBD Gummies

Gummies are a very popular medium for both THC and CBD edibles. This is an example of a foodstuff with minimal ingredients that harbors an infusion quite well. Our own gummies are vegan too, allowing for guilt-free consumption, and gluten-free to accommodate a wider demographic.

We offer three flavors of gummies in packs of 10 on our site. For muscle recovery – and workout routines outright, for that matter – RMR recommends the Mango flavored gummies. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, and we therefore advise starting with just one or two after exercising.

Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?

CBD Cool Heat Topical Roll-On Relief Stick

Those less interested in ingesting their CBD may find better utility in a roll-on stick. Topical CBD is often presented as a balm, or a roll-on stick like ours. These products are also the ideal option for anyone looking to treat external inflammation or skin irritation. That said, this makes it a great option for muscle recovery treatment, too.

You’re looking at 200mg of CBD in the entire bar. Plus, ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and avocado butter boost the relieving properties. Upon application to an area, you may notice a near-immediate tingling; so don’t worry, as that means it’s working if anything. Apply the topical to joints and muscles experiencing soreness during your workout recovery.

CBD lotion for pain respect my region
CBD lotion for pain respect my region

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