These Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures Might Help Relieve Symptoms Of Dementia

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Researchers have been looking more closely at CBD in recent years and searching for every medicinal benefit it may present. With pharmaceutical drugs being largely the only option for people with more serious conditions, it’s worth looking for any natural alternatives. CBD has been entering the conversation lately in regards to Dementia. This general term describes abnormal brain changes that result in affecting our cognitive abilities. There are studies that now show that CBD may benefit those dealing with Dementia. Respect My Region’s new line of full-spectrum CBD tinctures might be the best CBD oil for Dementia. Our products may lend help in your daily life when it comes to cognitive issues.

The term “Dementia” covers a wide range of specific medical conditions, Alzeimer’s disease being one of them. Abnormal brain changes that are grouped under the term Dementia can trigger a decline in thinking skills. This condition worsens to the point that it impairs daily life and independent function. This condition can also affect behavior, feelings, and relationships if no treatment is given. Dementia comes from direct damage to brain cells, which interferes with our brain cells’ ability to communicate with each other. 

Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Parkinson’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia, and Huntington’s disease are all conditions that may benefit from the use of CBD. Respect My Region teamed up with M6 Labs in Wisconsin to bring you the cleanest, and most potent full-spectrum hemp CBD products in the United States. Our full-spectrum CBD tinctures come in three flavors. Each one is full of 1000 mg of phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil that encourages the Entourage Effect.

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CBD & Dementia

2016 study found evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD could help remove Dementia from, and increase connections between brain cells. There are many ways that CBD may benefit the overall health of anyone suffering from Dementia. It may reduce inflammation, oxygen buildup, act as a stimulant and neuroprotectant, and even eliminate dead brain cells. Aside from its benefits relating directly to Dementia, CBD may also improve movement while helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Tinctures

Respect My Region’s new line of full-spectrum hemp CBD tinctures might be the best CBD oil for Dementia. They come with 1000 mg of potent CBD oil alongside other medicinally beneficial essential oils. Taken sublingually (under the tongue,) these tinctures may act fast and actually taste good. Available in three blends: Boost, Refresh, and Chill, these tinctures may provide relief at any time of the day. By choosing to make our tinctures with high-potency full-spectrum CBD oil, we’re giving them the full range of cannabinoids that may provide the most healing effects.


Our Boost CBD tincture might help you energize your day. It comes with a blend of tangerine, green mandarin, sweet orange, lemon, and lime essential oils. You may get a noticeable boost alone from the enlivening citrus blend. The addition of 1000 mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil might wash away any lingering pain to help you fully attack the day.


Our Refresh CBD tincture may help you power through the rest of your day. This tincture comes with a blend of spearmint, peppermint, and vanilla. These botanically-derived essential oils work in tandem with the 1000mg of CBD oil. They may potentially help with relieving headaches, anxiety, IBS, inflammation, and improving your mood.


Our Chill essential oil blend may promote a restful night’s sleep with gentle lavender, Roman chamomile, and warm vanilla. These botanically-derived terpenes may produce a relaxing effect by themselves. The ingredients include organic kosher medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, essential oil blend (lavender, Roman chamomile, vanilla,) and hemp oil.

Risks and Side-Effects

The World Health Organization has gone on record stating that there are no public health problems that come with the use of pure CBD. There have also been no known issues with potential for dependence or abuse, unlike most pharmaceutical alternatives to aiding Dementia. Diarrhea, bloating, and nausea are the most commonly reported potential side effects of consuming too much CBD, but you can’t overdose.

Patients and caregivers should monitor the effects of CBD use and its outcomes closely. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil for Dementia, consider Respect My Region’s line of full-spectrum hemp CBD tinctures. Made in small batches, these products can be sent anywhere in the United States right to your doorstep.

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